Responsible Sourcing of Vegetable Oils with
by Pro Fair Trade AG
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Responsible Sourcing

Pro Fair Trade AG seeks to sell high quality products that are traceable, respect the environment and improve the people's lives.

Multi-Country Sourcing

Pro Fair Trade AG is sourcing all of its products from multiple countries to minimize the risks due to political, meteorological, quality and availability reasons and can therefore guarantee clients top quality and traceability anytime.

Responsible Sourcing Principles

  1. Complies with all applicable national and international laws, regulations and standards
  2. Treats workers fairly and provides good working conditions
  3. Includes smallholders and improves their livelihood
  4. Respects Free, Prior and Informed Consent
  5. Ensures No-deforestation and protects High Conservation Values, which includes
    1. protecting High Carbon Stock forest areas
    2. recognizing and protecting peat lands regardless of depth
  6. Manages water resources responsibly
  7. Ensures quality and traceability


Sustainability - Guarantee of Origin - Product Quality - Impact Monitor - Assurance of the quality of the farmer's life - Resource Guide Monitor - Social Compliance Monitor.

Traceability from the Farm to the Table

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Pro Fair Trade AG Partnership with the earthworm Foundation

Rurality by earthworm - Putting the farmer at the heart of society

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For Whom?

Pro Fair Trade customers who value responsible sourcing, sustainable agricultural practice and who want to audit and trace the impact of their product sourcing to proactively uplift low developed communities.

  • Pro Fair Trade AG


    Pro Fair Trade customers get inside views and supply chain facts to audit and verify the traceability of the entire supply chain process for the products and countries of procurement from the farm, to the processor up to logistics details until arrival in Switzerland.

  • Pro Fair Trade AG


    Pro Fair Trade trains and monitors the local suppliers and their downline supply chain.
    Each supplier updates farming methods (conservation agriculture), environmental events, crop plans, crop rotations, input and production data including socio-economic targets and update reports.


    Downline Supply Chain

    Farmer Groups
    Contract Farmers

  • Onsite Supply Chain

    Farmer Support

    Micro Finance Institutions
    NGO Development Organizations
    Training Organizations
    Extension Services

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What Impact?

Pro Fair Trade is operating where the money is most needed by sourcing products in least developed countries
and is committed to market high quality products that are

respect the environment...
and improve people's lives.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain's obligation to care.
Responsible purchase of raw materials.
Better quality of the raw materials through technical support and quality seed.


Fair prices and constant incomes through guaranteed off-take agreements,
which result in greater autonomy for the farmer.
Increase farmer income through know-how transfer.
Improve access to financing for the farmers, farmer groups and cooperatives through the local buyer.

Farmer Life

Improve the farmer's quality of life.
Improved access to education for the farmer's children.
Reduces the desire to emigrate to the larger urban zones and cities as well to other countries due to better working conditions and increased quality of life in the regions.

Verification of Traceability and Sustainability

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